715 new COVID-19 cases and 8 more deaths in Singapore

2021.12.07 12:07 themoorofvenice 715 new COVID-19 cases and 8 more deaths in Singapore

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2021.12.07 12:07 lewuiiis [Offer] 20$ with Wirex - Worldwide

Wirex is a online bank that allows you to make payments with their card and also is a crypto wallet. Your money and crypto is totally safe with them.
Currently and only until the 31st of December they are running a reward program for your registration thats consists on the following for 20$
• Register and Verify your account
• Add 100$ to your "Account X" ( its visible on the app )
• Purchase crypto
The bonus and your money can be withdrawn immediately
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2021.12.07 12:07 Consistent-Daikon138 That's the Holiday spirit!

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2021.12.07 12:07 nostalgiccreep What is your favourite house plant to keep, and how hard is it to maintain?

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2021.12.07 12:07 xponentialdesign Alternate Growth | GIF loop by Xponentialdesign [OC] | made with superluminal stardust

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2021.12.07 12:07 wotuso Qual bateria vocês recomendam pra controle de Xbox?

Voltei a ter um console Xbox depois de quase 10 anos e só agora caiu a ficha que ainda usam pilha AA kkkkkkk.
Não acho que comprar pilha descartável seja a melhor opção, então queria saber qual é a experiência de vocês com as recarregáveis, ou com aquela bateria oficial da Microsoft. No caso das recarregáveis, qual marca recomendam?
Ah, é o Xbox Series S, só pra situar.
Desde já agradeço!
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2021.12.07 12:07 SuchHawk5481 Is this sexual abuse?

So when I was about 10-12 years old (f) my older female cousin (18/19f) came to live with us. She was from Europe so she didn’t speak any English when she first came. We were inseparable pretty much, she was like an older sister I didn’t have. Although looking back I was mostly used a translator for everything.
Anyways, there were “strange” things that occurred that I was to discuss. First, she would make me take showers with her often. I remember being really uncomfortable with this the first time it happened and she was telling me how normal it was and I should get used to it. She would sometimes make me come in while she was showering even if I didn’t need to just to sit there.
Also, one day we were taking a nap. She would cuddle with me whenever we napped sometimes. When I woke up one time mid nap my hand was on her boob under her shirt. I remember I was thrown off by that and wasn’t sure if she put it there or I did. It was like completely around her boob though.
Lastly, she would make me take “sexy” lingerie pictures of her to send to her boyfriends at the time. I remember being uncomfortable with that and she would have me do it anyways.
What’s your opinion?
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2021.12.07 12:07 WealthyWorms 🎁 NFT GIVEAWAY 🎁 JUST UPVOTE ⬆️,JOIN AND COMMENT YOUR ADDRESS- Wealthy Worms

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2021.12.07 12:07 LIS1050010 Guide: Basic Disaster Supply Kit

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2021.12.07 12:07 Sparky_191 Double booking question

I’ve spent the last 5 years working for a utility that is represented by an outside local, membership is optional. I pay my basic dues to my home local and working assessments to the utility LU. The work is good and the company provides benefits that are not as common on the inside. However, in my experience the foremen are Napoleonic company men who don’t care about the union, the CBA, or the workers. The job is on 100% travel status due to the nature of the work and the coverage of the system. On a Sunday we can spend anywhere from 3 to 12 hours driving to a location for the work week. Come Thursday, granted we are not working OT, the drive is reversed. 4 10 schedule btw. As a courtesy it has been common to let crews out early with pay on Thursdays in order to get home at a reasonable time. Which is fine, except that it has been repeatedly held against us on days we are expected to do something extra or go somewhere that will put us outside of normal working hours, a “since you got off early all those days now you owe me” type of deal. I have voiced how I feel it is bullshit and none of us ask to be let out early, it is always the foreman’s call, and, surprise!, that is not well received. So after all that my question is this, I’m fed up and preparing to quit, would I be double booking if I got my name on the books back home in advance? As long as I don’t take a call before I am unemployed or able to be unemployed? I understand double booking but this feels like possibly a different situation. Maybe I’m overthinking it. Thanks in advance for any input and direction and happy taco Tuesday.
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2021.12.07 12:07 SeniorBug8265 Air jordan 13 panda 168 Yuan from Jumei Wanda City

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2021.12.07 12:07 Dano11888 Scary shit

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2021.12.07 12:07 Careless-Ad3751 safe word

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2021.12.07 12:07 fruityfrijolera Does everyone speak this way?

My friend has a bad potty mouth. She’s on discord ALL the time on her server with a lot of people she talks to. Me and her were so close since 2020 to around august. Then we stopped talking. I notice in her server she says things like “shutcho ass up before I get to eatin ya booty”, “you want my dick in ya butt so bad mane” or”private vc with me, my dick, and your pussy. Call it a threesome !!” , or “shut up and Jill yourself”. She also made her 4 year old brother say “get sum bitches in your dick” and filmed him and sent it to everyone”. She now claims “I hate discord sm ngl. I’m gonna delete it when I go to sleep bc I’m bored”. “I got discord for the weekend bc I’m bored and will delete it on Sunday”. I’m concerned for her.. and I joined her server on another account but she used to be so happy around me but now she doesn’t text me bc she doesn’t see my message bc she talks in one server, has no notifs. I feel sad about it.
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2021.12.07 12:06 yungamork Starting Admech or GSC, please showcase both as I need some convincing!

Hi all, I got into 9th edition after a long layoff (played when i was 11-12 years old with my brother and im now 32!).
I started space marines as I picked up dark imperium and a fair few indomitus halves. Built a nice space marine army and still having fun playing them but as usual got the bug to start another army. I decided it would be best to start a new army whilst Im still playing/learning with my SM so when im fed up or want a change the new army is sat there ready...what I dont want to do is get fed up then attack a big army all at once as it can be a bit hard to find motivation and time...
So I love the look of GSC and Admech...both are as appealing to me as each other in terms of how they seem to play and just general looks of the armies which will be fun to make and paint. I used to play Catachan when I was younger so GSC's do appeal to me a bit due to the mixed army/allied armies that you could run.
The difficult decision is I managed to get 2 Admech battleforces which seems like a great way to start an admech army but Im torn between the 2 as its a big investment for both (time and money). Ive done some googling but I Just seem to find very standard images/photos of both armies and models...would people mind showcasing some of what they think are the best admech and GSC models (your own or others) for me to get some inspiration and make my mind up please!
Any advice on either will also be appreciated and I know the GSC codex is coming out soon but the general 'meta' doesnt appeal to me as much with this army as its more of a 'this looks cool' army that i will learn to play with anyway!
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2021.12.07 12:06 el_wakim The Cockpit Of The Audi RS Q E-Tron For The Dakar Rally - High-Tech Control Center In The Desert

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2021.12.07 12:06 howhow326 .... So, the X-Men are super villains now?

(this post is probably about a month late)
So, it has come to my attention that in the newest X-men story... block (I forgot what you call those for a comic), X-Men Green, a mostly obscure character called Nature Girl finds a sea turtle that chokes to death on a plastic bag. So, like any normal person/mutant, Nature girl tracks down the store where the bag came from and stabs the manager in the neck with a pair of scissors.
I've heard stories about how supposedly bad the new X-Men comics are and how "tHe X-mEn ArE eViL nOw" but this... is straight up something a supervillain does.
Nature girl then goes on a cross country murder spree, killing blue-collar workers and even blowing up an factory (while suspiciously avoiding killing the people who own those factories). The X-Men catch up to her, but instead of punishing her, they just banish her from mutant island while also low key agreeing with her intentions but not her actions.
Uhh, okay. I thought the X-men didn't like it when mutants blantantly went around killing people because it would give humans another reason to wipe them out, but I guess that dosen't matter when the mutant killing people is just doing it to save the environment, lol.
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2021.12.07 12:06 leaf-house Primavera Sound confirms Chilean edition of the festival, to be held in November 2022

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2021.12.07 12:06 Odd-Parfait-4294 Remote access to IoT devices

I'm struggling to understand which technology I should be investigating...
We run on O365 and Salesforce - we don't own any physical servers and are just now getting into some Azure servers for this project.
We will be deploying multiple Linux based edge computers, connected to the internet via a cellular modem. Their primary purpose is to push data via MQTT to a broker in Azure.
These devices will be remote, and we'd like the ability to remotely access them for updates & patching.
So, the question: What is the right technology to be able to securely remotely access these computers? I will know their IP based on the cellular modem. I thought it was VPN, but that seems geared more towards getting data from the device to some other service.
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2021.12.07 12:06 johnnymep Mac 2/3.5 inch version 🤩at the lockers

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2021.12.07 12:06 MelissaBo13 Where to get Kindle for PC?

I tried to download this app from Amazon, but Amazon says it's only available for Android. I can only find it on third party sites. Where is a safe location to download Kindle for PC?
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2021.12.07 12:06 MondoUnderground Är det här sveriges enda "creature feature"? Spelades in 2014 under en sjuhelvetes värmebölja. Hoppas någon kan få ett litet fniss, i alla fall!

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2021.12.07 12:06 Realistic-Wafer-9190 The guy [M,26] I [F,21] am exclusive with is very secretive about his phone and I feel he's talking to other women online but have no evidence. I'm wondering whether this is due to trust issues or he is really suspicious?

so I have posted about this guy before: in short, a dating app was on his home screen a while ago when he was showing his phone to me. I got very sad and he got very scared and cried, swearing that he didn't know the app existed on his phone. then I asked to at least see the messages and he was soooooo hesitant but then scrolled very fast through them: all were messages from other women BUT when we first opened the app, it said "you got a new match!" which made me think he is using the app.

Today we met each other and he was using google assistant to open an app. I jokingly said "tell google assistant to open that dating app we saw on your phone that day" he said no, why would I? you should trust me. Then I said "hey google" and his google assistant got activated. He suddenly freaked out and locked his phone!!! I got very sad and asked him why he reacted like this. he got bitter and said I don't trust him and it's not nice that I keep looking for stuff and his phone is his personal property.

then later we had a talk and I told him just to use G assistant and say "open [the dating app]". He agreed: however, his phone was facing him and not me and I thought that instead of using G assisstant, he went on google.com and used the voice search. Then he swear on his mom's life that he really used the same google voice he uses. I checked on my phone and saw that he might be right (when you have the app on your phone and use google voice to say open it, it will open and if not, it will search it on google).

however, I also found 2 strands of hair in his car (his own seat). One was blonde and the other was brown. I asked him whose hair these were and he said probably his aunt's as she hugged him the other day so the hair must have gotten stuck to his clothes.

later that night I asked him what time it is and he said the time. I asked to see his watch and he covered it and said why don't you even trust me with time? but all I wanted to do was to make sure I won't be late for my meeting (I did trust him).

I just don't know whether I have trust issues or not. Aren't his behaviors suspicious? if he ever told me to prove I don't have an app, I'd never get mad.

in the meantime, I need to mention that I have had a rough childhood (my father cheated on my mother and it deeply effected me after they got divorced) but this guy says he's willing to work through it with me to make us work. He's very sweet to me: I got sick on thanksgiving and we didn't get to go to visit his parents (he wanted to introduce me to them) and he took me to his home and took care of me, got soup for me, and was very nice. He is very kind hearted but I keep looking for evidences because I still think he is talking to other women.
I was wondering if you guys think I'm being unreasonable or if he is really hiding something.

I would appreciate any insight/help. Thank you very much!
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2021.12.07 12:06 Kunphen Russia, India Cement Military Ties Despite U.S. Pressure

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2021.12.07 12:06 icxrif NCT U (NCT 2021) - 3rd Album 'Universe' ('Universe (Let’s Play Ball)' Teaser Images)

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