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I have figured out what I want to do with my life at last!

2022.01.28 13:36 CEOofGazoozle_biz I have figured out what I want to do with my life at last!

In the span of 2 minutes and fifty nine seconds I have made up my mind on how I wish to spend my life. I wish to spend it living among something beyond me and I will quote my autobiography that I wrote in this night.

I would like to be a isolated farm boy, just harvesting wheat, rye, barley and other grains in the middle of nowhere with the only sight of the modern world being lorys passing on a road going in and out of the horizon. I want that ideal of having somthing bigger than myself being owned by myself, something that can provide for me and much more if I reap its opourtunity, not a son or a daughter, that is intelligible or something that I can destroy in moments of fragility. I desire somthing greater the lands of my own living a place where I need not understand it or it understand me for the two beings be totally diffrent, I existing half in material and half in the relm of idealic thought for I have conciousness and it was given to me by God and it is channeled by my body while the land is unconcious, but still existing only in form shall it be ideal to my imperfect material world perception it is a real object that acts beyond reason or of my own thought. That is all I need.
I believe that I need not go on to how I pine for living my days snaring my prey and clowning on it before I rotisserie it upon open flame as well as using large logs to work out and train my body to the Athenian ideals of the male body. I believe that that needs not be explained in my own word. It is just that this almost impossible place is at the other end of an unknown amount of kilometers away from me to fully live in a place far from the pollution of the city without the biting cold of the north, going west and slightly south wise would work for me, however I would require books if I need know of anything new, I am not the type to figure out to build a blast furnace without the industrial equipment to do so, nor am I the one to apply chemistry in the construction of my lunch sandwich, so a book or set of such to be able to prototype these modern luxury’s and equipment without the need for othermen to aid me is in order, lest I figure out before hand and write it down.
Fah! I have not even the means of ascertaining the means to get to the places I wish to, for an automobile would need to drip me off in these medows of the nature, so I can rest in the fields and rope wrap my hands to fight Does and other game. Until a miracle presents itself, I am going to be unable to reach my goals because I am to be like ”everyone else” and pay bills that I don’t want to because other people think it’s necessary to keep a society based off material rather on information and thought.
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2022.01.28 13:36 Pixeth_ Are you more likely to invest in a coin that has managed to survive since 2017 or one which was released relatively recently - if both benefitted from a recent bull market?

So, there are a great deal of coins which managed to hold firm throughout the 'crypto winter' and benefit from the recent bull cycles - the projects have experience and have shown resilience, but have the baggage the and the patchwork of technology that comes from half a decade of uptime.
Are they more likely to survive because they've proven their resilience or are they more likely to be left behind because these new projects have the benefit of beginning fresh, can learn from the mistakes of these older projects and have the benefit of the inevitable excitement of a new release? Forgive me if this seems ignorant, but I genuinely don't know what sounds most logical.
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2022.01.28 13:36 SubstanceExciting257 I know people age and grow old so their face changes or people lose weight in their face...but durk just be looking weird these days.

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2022.01.28 13:36 Fill-Minute SGC PSA 10 Ankha? Never seen this before!

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2022.01.28 13:36 G_Rubes Tortie loves the hamper.

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2022.01.28 13:36 liwiakitty Wfl cuz idk lol

Me: np wolf Them: walrus, 2 kirins, a St. Bernard, a wolpintinger, a merhorse, a snow leopard
View Poll
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2022.01.28 13:36 LoquaciousUK 😂

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2022.01.28 13:36 CanadianguyfromKFC So about the Purelake and it’s religion

So back in Way of Kings there is an interlude about a man from the Purelake. In it there are some lines about the Purelake religion and how they follow 2 gods. One good and one evil.
Currently I’m in the middle of Oath Bringer (just had the info dump about the Heralds from the Stormfather during the Vision) and I was wondering is the Purelake religion a strange echo of Odium and Honour ? It’s probably nothing but I was wondering if anyone else noticed this ?
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2022.01.28 13:36 pizzaslut_69420 Ran into Ivan at this comic book themed pizza cafe! 🤘

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2022.01.28 13:36 wet_lex First timer here! These feet are lonely 🤤

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2022.01.28 13:36 Haunting-Meaning-103 Aah...there goes my gogeta ....

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2022.01.28 13:36 tacomeup Can I just say that the creativity behind colon and sac’s nicknames on this sub is top notch LOOL

Every post people have funnier names and honestly that’s the most hilarious part of it 😂😂😂😂😂
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2022.01.28 13:36 mattjshermandotcom Zakk Wylde - Tush (1993) VHS, Poor Audio

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2022.01.28 13:36 NoobWhoLikesTheStock Wow didn't realize today is my anniversary on Reddit as well. If I only got on here a little sooner I'd know what the hell was going on... Had 🧻🧻🙌 that turned into diamond encrusted fists 💎💎✊✊ 🚀

Wow didn't realize today is my anniversary on Reddit as well. If I only got on here a little sooner I'd know what the hell was going on... Had 🧻🧻🙌 that turned into diamond encrusted fists 💎💎✊✊ 🚀 submitted by NoobWhoLikesTheStock to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 13:36 abiturist [Sankey] M28, Polizeibeamter gD, Vollzeit

Das monatliche Einkommen schwankt etwas. Ist davon abhängig ob "der DUZ geballert hat". Der DUZ ist die Zulage für den "Dienst zu ungünstigen Zeiten". Auf deutsch: die Zulage die wir für 12h Fußballeinsatz am Wochenende bekommen oder wir arbeiten, während Ihr in euren Betten liegt.

Die ersten Erkenntnisse hatte ich schon selbst:

Disclaimer: Der Teil mit "Drogen und anderer illegaler Scheiß" ist natürlich nur Spaß, bevor hier irgendwer mit "Aber du bist doch Bulle..." um die Ecke kommt.
Immer raus mit Fragen (auch beruflicher Natur, wenn gewünscht), Anmerkungen und Anregungen.
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2022.01.28 13:36 imthedan I thought picking a main gave me anxiety, but picking a server is ever worse.

So many decisions.
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2022.01.28 13:36 Icy-Chard-9852 Ye

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2022.01.28 13:36 Lanky-Ice-8316 I have but one question about Book of Boba Fett... Minor spoilers

With the destruction of the Tusken tribe, there is one question on my mind...
Where is Nose-Lizard?
Is he safe?
Is he.... alright?
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2022.01.28 13:36 PhiliDips Exactly what is the Y-axis in a plot diagram supposed to be measuring?

You know, plot diagrams. These things.
They can be used to roughly express most fiction structures, though there are exceptions (The Hero's Journey comes to mind). I understand that the X-axis is a measurement of time/progress through the story, but what is the Y-axis supposed to be exactly? Tension? Excitement? Stakes for our protagonists?
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2022.01.28 13:36 forwards_backwards Help me make sense of World/Character Tendency please!

After mastering DS1 and DS3, and having a great time with Bloodborne (but not winning it), I have been LOVING Demon's Souls.
Problem: I don't think I really understand Tendency.
On 2-1 and 2-2 I figured I might summon some help for the bosses, kept dying, noticed that things had gotten difficult and the marker had gone black, so I stopped and persevered in soul form.
In 3-2, I was struggling with the Maneaters, so again I tried to turn human. I figured "getting summoned in soul form" was an appropriate way to turn human, so I'd put my sign down. Consistently, I would be summoned Spears Of The Church style to be a boss. I did my job, murdered aspirant after aspirant, used my human form to make another attempt at Maneaters, died, etc.
After a couple hours, Latria was blackity-black, my character tendency was blackity-black. I ended up beating Maneaters and turning Latria back to neutral, but was confused as to what to do.
So I read up. I figured that if I beat Dragon God (and later Old Monk) that I might be able to reset the World Tendency of 2 and 3 back to white. I figured that if I subsequently wanted to correct my Character Tendency, I would (after reaping all the benefits of a white world tendency) I might kill myself as a human a few times, get World Tendency to Pure Black, murder the black phantoms and see if that didn't work out; five Black Worlds but a Pure White Character.
It hasn't turned out that way. I went and killed Dragon God and my World Tendency is still neutral. I assume that if I do the same in Latria, the same will be true.
What do I do?
I stayed human after killing Dragon God and have been puttering around World 2 hoping for an invasion, but nothing is happening.
Should I go over to /summonsign and solicit a sacrifice? Or is there something else I can do to correct my World Tendency here?
Also: is my theory correct? "Make the worlds white -> get the rewards -> make the worlds black -> get the rewards -> kill the black phantoms to make character white -> enjoy life"?
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2022.01.28 13:36 Coconutandeggs Looking for Oinkoids! Other gyroids for trade or nmt or bells, you name it!

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2022.01.28 13:36 isweatoil having ugly friends is cool until they start calling you twin

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2022.01.28 13:36 rougoku Almost a week - thoughts and reflections

I have been posting on here pretty frequently and I find it’s been a great way for me to stay accountable. I thought I’d share my experience of my first week with my fellow sober babies getting started out.
For reference, I’m 25, live alone, and I had been drinking daily for the last 5-6 years, with the last two years seeing an increase to me drinking during the day, sometimes moments after I woke up. I never really measured my drinks and often lost count; but if I had to guess, I was up to 10+ on my worst days and 7-8 on a normal day. My lowest point was probably December when I had my first bender and I was absolute fucking mess. But then I had my second bender not even a week later. I won’t even begin to recount the memories and moments I lost during that time - attending my mom’s sober graduation panicking because I couldn’t be drunk. Hitting a trash can while drunk driving to the liquor store and losing my side mirror. The list goes on.
The moment I realized it was time to clean it up was three fold:

  1. I was at trivia with friends and my partner and realized all I could think about was how badly I wanted a third drink and no one else was getting one.
  2. I was so hungover trying to go to lunch with my sober mom that I could barely enjoy time with her because I was puking in the bathroom.
  3. On a snow day, I drank from the moment I woke up til I fell asleep. I often woke up during the night and made myself another drink. I realized at 5am that I had drank almost an entire 12 pack of 16 oz 7.5% beers by myself, as well as two hard seltzer’s and one mixed drink.
I told myself, “When I run out of alcohol, that’s it this time.” I extended it of course. Had two days I bought bottles of wine (because that was an easy “finish in one sitting”). Then the morning of 1/22/2022 came. I was drinking at 8am. I was drunk. I said to myself “today’s the day.” Then I went and poured my drink into the sink and watched it go.
Day one - I got a fresh piercing to mark the day. It helped me think of the day as more permanent, and my piercer turned out to be 5 years sober! We chatted and she gave me a lot of advice. Cravings were strong but honestly not that bad.
Day two - My first trip to a restaurant since being sober. I always, always drank at restaurants and this place had margaritas (which I love). I stared at them the entire time I was ordering. I stared at the people drinking them. But I didn’t order one. I felt confident on this day that this was the beginning of a new chapter for myself.
Day three - The cravings were so, so bad. I was so irritable and angry. I wanted to shove everyone away so I could do what I always thought I deserved: drink until I was dead. I would’ve crushed someone’s head if it had given me a drink.
Day four - My diet the last few days was so bad. Constant snacking, chugging sparkling water like it was my life force. Constant crying with the force of how badly I wanted to drink. I cried in therapy with how much I missed alcohol. How it was my only constant, my best friend for years.
Day five - THE WORST DAY. My partner didn’t invite me to trivia with his friends because he thought I wouldn’t want to be around people drinking. It was like my worst fear was realized: people didn’t want me around anymore because I was sober. I sobbed for two hours. I couldn’t stop. I wanted a drink so badly, I didn’t want to feel the pain, I wanted to spite everyone. But I knew that drinking would only give me guilt and shame.
Day six - One of the better days. I was peppy and happy all morning. So glad to wake up not hungover or foggy-headed. Then around lunch I thought, “I can’t wait to tuck into a bottle of wine later” before I remembered. Instant wave of sadness and anger. I went to see a friend, who told me I look “radiant” with my newfound sobriety. I attended my first SMART recovery meeting and everyone was kind and welcoming. I almost went out and bought booze after the meeting, but I resisted with all that I had in me.
That brings me to today. Not quite 7 days under my belt yet, but I’m close. Two months ago I would’ve laughed in your face if you had told me I was going to be sober today. I would’ve died for alcohol. I truly, really saw it as my best friend.
A few things that worked for me, if this is helpful to anyone!
  1. Staying accountable by posting and reading on this subreddit EVERY DAY. EVERY time I had a craving. EVERY morning promising not to drink, even on the days I wanted to.
  2. Roping in supportive friends and family. Letting people know and kindly asking them not to drink around me while I’m still fragile. Not attending events where booze was present.
  3. HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) was an amazing resource for me. Often when I felt a powerful craving, I was hungry or lonely. I’d eat something and phone a friend and felt instantly better.
  4. Journaling and recording my process. Shouting into the void about how badly I want to drink. Reflecting on why I shouldn’t.
  5. NO BOOZE IN THE HOUSE. Nada. Zilch. It all went down the drain if it existed after I decided to be sober. Avoidance of it being around me in the first place and changing my settings to not be booze-centered made an extremely hard first week not as extremely hard as it could’ve been.
  6. Letting myself snack and eat anything I want. Obviously not eating three pizzas a day…but fuck yeah I bought drumstick ice cream cones and ate one every day. Hell yeah I’m ordering a pizza to celebrate that it’s Friday.
  7. NA beer, sparkling juice, sparkling water. Helped me SO MUCH! I drank so much sparkling water this week, and once a day, I let myself have a “special” non alcoholic drink so that I didn’t feel like my evening relaxation ritual was gone completely.
If you read this entire thing, thank you! And thanks to everyone on here who has been incredibly kind and supportive. I couldn’t have done it without you all. IWNDWYT!!!!
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2022.01.28 13:36 superginseng What passenger sees when landing on an aircraft carrier in a C-2 cargo plane.

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2022.01.28 13:36 _Paco [US-CO] [H] KBD67 MKII, Leopold FC750R [W] PayPal

More pictures
CONUS only. Shipping is NOT included in any prices. Please comment before PM. If you'd like to bundle anything, let me know in PM.
Item Price Notes
KBD67 MKII $160 Black case, cherry stabs, soldered with Zealios v2, RGB PCB. Comes with black, blank ABS keycaps. Flashed with Via support. Comes with USB-C to USB-A cable and extra keycaps to fill a TKL.
Leopold FC750R $60 White case, original box, clip-in stabs lubed with 205g0, stock MX Reds (except switches under stabilized keys lubed with 205g0). Used for about a year, fully functional, undamaged. Comes with blank, ePBT gray keycaps and USB-A cable. Stabs sound damn good, better than most of my customs.
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