POS never said apart from here that it wasent his house and never corrected people offering aid to a "homeless" person

2022.01.28 12:51 dutch-had-a-plan POS never said apart from here that it wasent his house and never corrected people offering aid to a "homeless" person

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2022.01.28 12:51 UNDERWATER_BOI Grivo - Omit (Cream with black splatter /200)

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2022.01.28 12:51 PhysicalProgrammer Welcome! Do you program in R? Well, RProjects is for you!

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2022.01.28 12:51 Kickboy21 I want to throw up

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2022.01.28 12:51 paigeyp0p How does money laundering work/what is it?

I’m watching Ozark with my S.O, who works in finance. I’ve asked him to explain but I still don’t get it
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2022.01.28 12:51 tstols accurate representation of the Titans vs. Bengals

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2022.01.28 12:51 Michael_Caine Grapefruit Astronauts - She Fell Into the Sun (FFO: Intervals)

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2022.01.28 12:51 gnzlnick Site-Sync between two orchestrator

Hi community,
Did anyone manage to connect sync between 2 orchestrators on different sites? We have this configuration on the Switch side, but it does not seems to be working
interface Ethernet1/45
description ## FW HA ##
switchport mode dot1q-tunnel
switchport trunk allowed vlan 3600-3601,3951-3952
spanning-tree port type edge
spanning-tree bpdufilter enable
mtu 9216
vpc orphan-port suspend
no shutdown

do someone have the same issue?
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2022.01.28 12:51 RobinsEggPoacher69 akainu? more like

ty, ty. i'll be here all week.
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2022.01.28 12:51 HushMySweet “Go on, Jon. Press my buttons.”

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2022.01.28 12:51 HistoricalAd6912 An interesting opportunity to earn for Philippines Citizens

Use the referral link to get instant $5 (34 GLX)
Copy ref code FRN1por for registration Direct link. https://register.legionnetwork.io
This app provides unlimited opportunities for earning. It's a project about to be launched soon. Every GLX earned will possibly be worth $1 soon.
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2022.01.28 12:51 RondoOfThe5 Fpp br great ttk took out a whole squad no problem.

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2022.01.28 12:51 psyched___ “If you’re feeling well enough to be happy and play music, you’re well enough to wash your hair”

Am I not allowed to be sick and be happy sometimes??? It’s not like I was dancing or even singing. When my brother started our usual sibling thing where we’d call each other’s name in a new voice each time to each other, I struggled because I had to call out to him. This happened right before my mom said that to me. I had to push through the fatigue and chest pain to defend myself. Like no, I cannot be in the shower rn with my orthostatic bs and also my body hurts like hell, I just got my covid vaccine. It’s not laziness.
I bet I’m not the only one who deal with this.
Or, “if you’re well enough to be on your phone, you’re well enough to be doing insert chore” thankfully my mom isn’t too bad with this, but my stepdad is and he gets SO passive aggressive. One time I was having a heart arrhythmia and was so weak I couldn’t even grip anything let alone speak, so I just lied there hoping my mom would help me. Then when I was being helped because it was serious (should’ve went to er but the judgment got to me), he walked in and said “ok I’m tired. It’s bedtime. Enough” OK SORRY LEMME JUST BE BACK TO NORMAL HEALTH AND NOT HAVING LOW POTASSIUM SO U CAN GO TO BED
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2022.01.28 12:51 Aggravating_Shame_47 First time Mardi Gras in Mobile

Hey everyone, my friend and I (both girls in our 20s) are looking to come to Mobile this year for Mardi Gras. We know nothing about Mardi Gras, but knowing it originated in Mobile and that NOLA's celebrations may be a little much, we figured we would check out Mobile. I'm looking at the Mystics of Time website for parade schedules. We have the last two weekends in February free and were wondering which parades we should hit. Although we don't want the craziness of NOLA, we also don't want a dead scene or one that is too family friendly lol. Also any sites of interest to hit in the area? I've been looking at visiting Fairhope, Dauphin Island, Callaghans social club, etc.
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2022.01.28 12:51 jbars123 SPLIT PERSONALITY COLLECTION | first drop giveaway

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2022.01.28 12:51 Tomkat-XII Spider-Weeknd (Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

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2022.01.28 12:51 IslandQueasy9341 Yayının her saniyesi bir meme malzemesi kekw lmao omegalul omegalol

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2022.01.28 12:51 NewsElfForEnterprise Boom Supersonic's ultra-fast planes that United Airlines is set to begin flying in 2029 will be built and tested in North Carolina

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2022.01.28 12:51 shrek19051 Any good looking Chelsea wallpapers for iPhone?

Just wanted a new lock screen for my phone but I can’t seem to find many wallpapers of past or current chelsea players, could y’all help me out? Thanks
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2022.01.28 12:51 Puzzled-Job-7920 Engine swap

I have a 2012 Lancer gt with a 2.4 L, im looking to swap it out for my friends V6 that’s in his eclipse, do you think it would work ?
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2022.01.28 12:51 OneIdiotAndAHalf Ah the good old tactic of "using child friendly substance as an alcohol substitute". Now it is a cartoon! Also, what currency do you guys think they use at the candy bar?

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2022.01.28 12:51 FernandoJacobs2 ILLAOI

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2022.01.28 12:51 GoyBoy84 Console Release

Good Morning! I searched and the last post I found was 2 years ago, love the game on PC and would happily pay for a console release. Any plans for this?
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2022.01.28 12:51 algonuevoc0 Fenomy 🚀 Pre sale 29th | KYC & Audited | Own Blockchain | Real case utilities ✅ | Mobile app

- KYC passed!
- Audited by InterFi
- Anti-Rug Mechanism on PinkSale
- Antiwhale System
- Contract type: AntiBotStandardToken
- Team Locked with PinkLock: by 2024 year
- Liquidity Lockup: 4 years
- Good professional development team
- Fenomy members now live in at least 79 countries around the world.
- Public Presale Start Time: 2022.01.29 17:27 (UTC) on PinkSale
- Presale link: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0x03Ae6D030c015b9C6c33B19479897cD8ba8800fF?chain=BSC

- Click in the Link to JOIN their Telegram presale group: https://t.me/fenomy_investments_group_en

After presale
- Listing on Pancakeswap, FEB 1
- Listing on СEX, MAY 1 (The official announcement from the exchange by Feb 4)

Additional rewards for investors (up to +60%)
- Everyone who makes the maximum purchase of 4 BNB after the end of the presale receives additional tokens in the amount of 10% of the purchase. For 3+ BNB - 7%. For the purchase of more than 2BNB, you get additional 5%.
- All investors receive a one-time reward of 20% of their presale transaction amount to their personal account in the system. It is possible to exchange the system coin for BEP20 tokens 90 days after the presale.
- Until the end of 2022 all FENOMY BEP20 owners once every 2 months will get bonuses to their personal account in the system for keeping the balance in the amount of 5% of the balance at the time of the bonus payment.
- Draws of collector’s NFTs, as well as system tokens will be held every month among the holders of the system coin.

About Fenomy
Fenomy is the decentralized ecosystem with its own blockchain, built on the principles of horizontal economy and relationship models between people in real life. Fenomy allows you to create tools to ensure personal and family safety in real life, including in critical situations when there is a threat to life and well-being. Tools for interaction between members and groups of members in a variety of areas from household to commercial, interaction coordination between groups of people on the ground, business process management, financial instruments – all this can be created on the basis of Fenomy. Fenomy has a unique algorithm for creating loyal connections and circles.
Fenomy consists of nodes that are involved in data processing and perform transport functions, and circles, consisting of user connections, formed on the principle of personal loyalty of members to one other.

Fenomy Roadmap https://fenomy.com/i/roadmap/

Fenomy has tools for interaction between members. The capabilities of the system:
- ALARM function for requesting emergency assistance in situations threatening life and health.
- Tools for creating assignments, which allow finding help within circles in different life situations, or an executor for a specific task.
- Various tools for business and its protection. Tools for interaction between the Company and clients. Reputation. Accounts. Public codes.
- Groups, associations, companies. Public and private. Permanent and with fixed lifespan.
- Financial tools. Internal fund transfers. Investments. Crowdfunding.
-Own Blockchain. Private nodes. Work on mobile devices. Passive income option.

System Features
- All interactions in the system are completely anonymous. Members are not required to provide any personal data, including email and phone numbers.
- System functioning in OFFLINE mode. Information exchange with the data center even in case of a short-term weak network signal using a special protocol.
- Fenomy is completely self-sufficient at the level of each member and his circles, regardless of the total number of people in the system.

Useful Links:
Presale: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0x03Ae6D030c015b9C6c33B19479897cD8ba8800fF?chain=BSC
Website: https://fenomy.com
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/fenomy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fenomy1
Medium: https://medium.com/fenomy
Telegram: https://t.me/fenomy_investments_group_en
Contract address: https://bscscan.com/address/0x1E226F8527D9F73048F4b660AF44D902d4508Bc2
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2022.01.28 12:51 bmichu Unattended upgrades - restarting services

I'm moving a server from Ubuntu to Leap and I'm trying to get the functionality of unattended-upgrades and needrestart packages installed in Ubuntu.
For unattended security updates part I'm using online_update_configuration with rebootmgr and it works great so far. Now I only need a way to restart affected services (or maybe all processes?). I can get a list of such processes with zypper ps but which package should I use to restart them automatically?
I would prefer to do it in a specified time window. If there is no such thing in openSUSE then maybe restarting them automatically during update.
Any ideas, please?
submitted by bmichu to openSUSE [link] [comments]