Craftopia! [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {1.18.1} {Greylist} {Dynmap}

2022.01.28 13:10 Draesia Craftopia! [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {1.18.1} {Greylist} {Dynmap}

Craftopia is a small but extremely performant, semi-vanilla experience with a focus towards community, world building, and technical builds. We have been running continuously for almost 2 years now!!!
With 1.18.1 brings a brand new map! Just over 1 week old, you can start a fresh journey with the other players!
Make new friends and enjoy a true Minecraft experience, here at Craftopia, we do not believe in limitations; you have pure freedom here. No world border. No optimizations. All of the features of Minecraft, fully included, no catch.
There is NO unfair advantage on Craftopia; admins cannot spawn items, and donating will not get you any, we want every player to feel like they can progress in this world.
The server is highly optimized to ensure that there is no lag, we proudly show our server performance live on our site, we're one of the few servers with 99% 20tps without having to take out crucial, and enjoyable game mechanics!
A gray-list is in place to stop hackers and cheaters we only want quality players on this server, no griefing!
The in-game economy is directly linked to diamonds! Every $ in-game is real diamonds mined!
We also have optional village claims, for if you want to protect your areas, or only let certain people do certain things in your house (but don't worry ! your stuff is safe no matter what!)
Why not check it out and start your adventure today?!
play now and join us to defeat the dragon
Java edition
Server IP: 
Discord Map Website
Craftopia, create your Utopia.
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2022.01.28 13:10 parkstar86 🚛🚛🚛

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2022.01.28 13:10 bwsanders get a list of slack users who auth'd on mobile devices

looking for a way to parse out the slack logs and get only slack mobile users. has anyone ever had a need for this or a way to accomplish this?
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2022.01.28 13:10 ggskater Making steps down a hill on a slope.

Hey guys. I recently moved into a house that backs up to a creek. My propery line extends all the way to the creek but my fence line is pushed back before the dropoff. Currently redoing the fence and will be adding a gate that leads to the creek. But the steepness is a little to steep for the kids and dogs to safely take. I would like to add some kind of stairs and was wondering what would be the best way to go about building stairs into the ground on a steep but small slope. Picture of the slope spot
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2022.01.28 13:10 Easy_Ad9184 Goodmorning denmates and happy Fri-yay!! It’s always nice to wake up to a panthers win :) I have a question for those that attend the panthers open practices, how can I find out when those are taking place? I really want to get a jersey signed by my favorite player, but idk if that’s even possible?

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2022.01.28 13:10 mikeymikesh I still have no idea what this guy was talking about.

I still have no idea what this guy was talking about.
He never did answer my question.
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2022.01.28 13:10 SpeedofDeath118 Stylis Arms Corporation

"The Stylis Arms Corporation is everywhere. Guns, ammo, grenades, tactical gear, even armoured vehicles - they sell all of it, and not just to the PMCs, either.
Back in my private police days, I saw street criminals with MAC-10s and AKMs from Stylis. Police forces like the shotguns and PDWs, major militaries have half their equipment manufactured by Stylis. If you've got a gun, have a look on it - you'll likely see a small, artistic "S" engraved on it somewhere.
They are neutrality defined. They don't care who they sell guns to - just that their business is unimpeded. If any player attempts to stop their opposition from buying Stylis equipment, their policy is to give huge discounts to everyone opposing them.
You remember when the USA had that "War on Drugs" and "War on Crime" phase? Part of that was an arms crackdown - stopping the street gangs and syndicates from buying military-grade equipment. Of course, the only result was more criminals having them than ever before - the low-level gangsters and sicarios were suddenly flexing with AKS-74Us, MP7s, and G36Cs, along with lightweight body armour. You couldn't walk through the street without finding a few ammo casings... or a corpse.
The PMCs, of course, are pretty much their favourite customers. They sell guns to the mercenaries, repair any guns that come in, and generally rake in the money. People with a love of exotic weapons are served with custom-made guns and the ammo for them - even stuff like G11K2s, AN-94s, and old guns from ages past. You want it, they can make it - for the right money.
The Broker... the face of Stylis. He's the guy who goes out and makes the first deals, while his representatives make any adjustments after that. They say he's also the CEO - no one dares to harm him since his company is making their guns. Don't bite the hand that feeds.
I met him a while back. He's an inscrutable man... perhaps that's how he wants to be seen."
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2022.01.28 13:10 maybesaydie Canadian Truck Boycott Insanity

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2022.01.28 13:10 TiojoaoNFTs New NFTs for sale, enjoy

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2022.01.28 13:10 ANSasori Best VS CQC secondary of infiltrator?

I just really want a weapon that lets me get out of stealth and kill the enemy asap with a surpressor.
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2022.01.28 13:10 Youngstars331 21 F [Chat]Im bored
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2022.01.28 13:10 ww2database 28 Jan 1943: Georgy Zhukov was awarded the Order of Suvorov 1st Class.

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2022.01.28 13:10 LajkSrbija Aki Rahimovski dobija ulicu u Skoplju ⬇️

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2022.01.28 13:10 jhends010 How to do the LS iai spirit counter & helm breaker with a xbox gamepad ?

I'm just playing on the demo for the moment and can't figure out which keys I should press to do the iai spirit slash/counter and the helmbreaker move, could anyone tell me ? Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.28 13:10 elfinko Is the performance getting worse for anyone else?

2042 has never run like a dream, but I recall it being a 'playable' 60-65 FPS on my system when it released. Recently I can't get the game over 45-50 FPS. Areas like B1 and B2 on Manifest, I'm pulling 25-30 FPS now.
I haven't made any changes to my system, especially from a hardware standpoint. Drivers are updated. I don't know if DICE is making changes on the backend or what. I usually drop in to do the missions each week, but I just can't this week.
Have they considered turning off the weather effects until they get this optimized? They make it so much worse.
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2022.01.28 13:10 ASteerNamedLaurence 10% market share can't stop them!

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2022.01.28 13:10 zavierderom How do I get 2 accounts on the quest 2?

I want both my daughter and myself to be able to use my quest 2 and one of us will trade off using my oculus rift on my PC or her PC ( by quest link). I already own the game on oculus and I am fine with buying another license but the oculus menu does not want to let me.
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2022.01.28 13:10 Ok_Abbreviations0 Seeking weight lifting tips

Hey friends, I’ve been on tgel for over a year now and wanting some guidance on how to approach weight lifting. Im runnin into this problem now of being stronger than I was before but not knowing how to know my body’s limits. I wonder if someone else had this problem and have any tips for a new gym rat.
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2022.01.28 13:10 United_Flatworm7334 #नशा_करता_नाश भगवान के संविधान अनुसार एक बार शराब पीने वाले के 70 जन्म कुत्ते के होते हैं। शराब से पूर्ण रूप से छुटकारा पाने के लिए अवास्य पढ़िए जीने की राह पुस्तक। Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

#नशा_करता_नाश भगवान के संविधान अनुसार एक बार शराब पीने वाले के 70 जन्म कुत्ते के होते हैं। शराब से पूर्ण रूप से छुटकारा पाने के लिए अवास्य पढ़िए जीने की राह पुस्तक। Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj submitted by United_Flatworm7334 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 13:10 tommyt702 New drop is January 31st for those who don’t know.

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2022.01.28 13:10 Dry-Version-666 Which one you black boys need a white master? If you do message me on here or kik thetopkid1996 (huge plus if you’re fem/twink and dress up)

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2022.01.28 13:10 sopadebombillas Did You Know? The Chainsaw Was Invented For Childbirth

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2022.01.28 13:10 ghostdeath22 I feel like the removal of some features over the years have made the game boring and hurt the game

So I've owned the game since release so I've been here since the beginning and while I do like most of the new stuff that has been added over the years I do feel like the game development has taken the wrong turn at certain points such as the removal of FTL types, removal of beginner weapons, removal of dynamic borders, removal of shared ownership of systems, and pop growth changes.
The removal of FTL types and beginner weapons for empires hurt the game in my opinion due to it removing the uniqueness of an empire meeting an empire with opposite weapons or FTL, instead of removing these two it should've been expanded.
For example everyone might get the tier one of all weapons but you could choose to be Tier 2 for one of the weapons or maybe even specialize even more meaning you'd start at tier 3 and not have access to the tier 1 of the other two types of weapons. Of course this change would've needed the game to have more tiers of weapons. It could also be expanded to include things such as do your species value speed(Thrusters), armor or shield or do they balance it? All of this could be fixed eventaully due to research in the game but it would have added extra uniqueness when you make first contact and have your first war.
The removal of FTL drives at the time I think was due to "balance" issues? And "performance" issues but I think removing the different FTL's and limiting it to hyperdrive and jumpdrives hurt the game long term. Sure some people like to have "natural" borders with choke points due to hyperdrives but I find it limiting. Choke points could've been made differiently like black holes might mess with wormholes drives and some stars might mess with warp drives somehow. And now currently in the game we have FTL Inhibitors that makes it so you have to capture/destroy the station that have it to progress through choke points, this could've been added and work like it does now it could even have been made it so it would be a race between getting high tier FTL Inhibitors vs high tier FTL drives. So if we still had several FTL types it could still have choke points but it would evolve back and forth in the game how choke points work due to tech(Different FTL's vs FTL Inhibitors) and terrain features such as stars and black holes.
The removal of dynamic borders also hurts the game in making the game too static. It should've remained but with the starbases we build today in game should've been added and it would've made the border static where it is built, it would make much more sense in my opinion. We should also be able to build defense stations independently like we could before they removed them in favor of starbases, although the defense stations should have been buffed so they were not useless mid and late game.
The removal of shared ownership of system also utterly ruined everything. How many times have I had a primitive civilization suddenly appear and take over my system because the current system is too static and rigid? That was 100% stupid to remove. With casus belli mechanics we have now it would've been great with shared ownership of systems as it would add some serious RP elements.
The change of the planet system which at the time was said to improve performance(It didn't) lessen micromanagement(It increased massively). Now don't get me wrong I like the planet system we have right now even if I miss the 25 tile system we once had. The current pop growth system on the planets is so stupid in my opinion it limits my own species growth because the system can't have two species growing at the same time! Something the old 25 tile system had! The old system you could grow multiple species it just took longer due to the pop growth being split between all growing species, why can't more pop growth slots be added?
TL:DR What I want to say is instead of having removed the old features like we had which made this game dynamic and interesting they should've expanded on them instead. (I miss my Wormhole drives! Sad face )
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2022.01.28 13:10 danimelara [WTS] Seiko SBQK077 8F32 - Sapphire, Titanium , Perpetual Calendar

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2022.01.28 13:10 Cautious-Whereas-467 Supposing Azula was redeemed is more fun than debating if she was.

Because in canon, she was not. I just imagine a couple years down the road, she's a bit sociable. Still a mess, but she doesn't bring up warships while flirting anymore.

So she's having a crisis, and the Gaang is there. Zuko just watches, he knows his sister better now, but knows she's still dangerous. Azula screams bloody murder, while some words can be heard. It's something about her father and she's clearly torn between sadness and rage. Then she utters "why you think you're so special, oh great Avatar?" Katara is so ready to go again, she has an icy glare. Zuko looks at Aang and he says something like "Zuko told me about Sozin's comet... and your fight"

She goes on how it was unbearable and Aang goes "I've seen Ozai's mind, I kinda know what you're talking about"

Azula continues on, panicking. "Don't you dare speak of my father! He almost singlehandedly conquererd the world!"

Then Aang's expression darkens. They all seen him snap, even go to the avatar state, but his voice dropped to an eerie low "you wanna know what? Imagine if instead, the whole of the Fire Nation was all wiped out. You wake up someone else and there's nothing. Your father is gone, although theres dead soldiers around from the opposing forces. I was 12. "

Katara puts her hand on his shoulder and he puts his over hers. His mood lightens up just slightly, but still stern

"I went Avatar State, I was consumed with sadness and rage, and I'm a pacifist, but that wasn't enough; That was in part my doing, and now Gyatso, the closest I had to a father, was dead, surrounded by fire nation soldiers' corpses."
Long pause. He grips Katara's hand tightly, then lets go. Everyone just stares in confusion. You could cut the tension with a knife. Azula is dead silent, although her expression didn't change that much.

"I... Why don't you..." a tear falls by her face. She is almost grinding her teeth, but shows signs of calming down, or at least she went from rage to bitter to sarcastic

Zuko mutters, ever so softly "I never wanted to fear you... growing up you were this prodigy, blue firebending at such a young age... I wanted to respect you, to perhaps learn from you. I knew you had something I didn't, maybe I could figure out what it was."

Azula just scoffs. She'd be up in her feet, shooting lightning by the time of Sozin's Comet and Ozai's defeat. It's been years,and it's kinda remarkable she wasn't in fighting stance. Is she going to get better? Or fall back to her manipulate ways? She hasn't come a long way, not really, but it's better than that dirty cell, especially because the former Firelord isn't here. "What am I still doing here?"

-Zuko!- Says Aang

"Oh, sorry... I was lost in my thoughts"
"Come this way, we can talk about it there" As he points to a room nearby
"Alright, Guru Goody-Goody"
Aang smirks

The girls and Sokka stay with Azula, it's hard and tense, but they're making an effort. Anyway, she'll be sent to her house later. She got an old house reformed by the Firelord's request, a few serfs and guards, but make no mistake: It is well appointed, but it has been her prison for the last years. It is a wonder why she hasn't escaped yet after the Kamurikage incident.

"So, Zuko, what you wanted to talk about?"
"I've been thinking a lot, perhaps we should talk to Uncle?"
"What about?"
"We promised to leave the Sun Warriors alone, but..."
"Stop it right there"
"No wait, I intend to do just that. We promised and I'll honour that"
Aang has a puzzled face
"I mean, Uncle has taught me a lot, and I believe the best thing would be to teach her true firebending, but she doesn't respect anything other than force, at least in regards to bending, and visiting them is out of the question"

"You know, she's still evil, but she's my sister, and I won't lie... when Katara and I defeated her, it felt..."
"Not exactly, but yeah... kinda... and also, like she didn't deserve it..." "What? You don't think you're stretching? Look at what she's done, and how she really liked doing those things"
"I wanna help her, Aang. I'm not like Uncle, but I believe I can do for her what he did to me."
"Okay, I know. And you know her better than anyone now, since you've been visiting her back when she was in jail"
"She almost burnt me sometimes. I figured she'd try to humiliate me further by scarring me again. I almost lost it, then I remembered when I lost it with Uncle. "
"It's ok. You're trying. And I think it's working"

. . .

I'm not a good writer. Any fanart of the later part to find something like this but good?
I'll not try to do a redemption arc alone when the Avatar Team couldn't even if it was just because of time, priorities or nickelodeon. I just noticed, in fiction people almost never apologize. Perhaps it serves to keep the tension up, but hey... I'll try not to drift much from the source material, but I like closure. No wonder I'm writing this. I may not finish, but hey... people liked it, so I'll keep going a bit.
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