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2022.01.28 13:21 PottyLottie1996 Remembered something weird today…

I’ve been struggling with this all day since I had my realisation and now I have to vent it to people who might understand or it will eat away at me. I apologise if this is the wrong sub to be posting in.
How likely is it that you wouldn’t realise you were being groomed when nothin ever came of it?
Bit of backstory, when I was in my teens, maybe around 13/14 my older cousin had a kid with her long time boyfriend, we’ll call him D. I would spend a lot of time at their house because my cousins and I were always close, more like brothers and sisters. Obviously I was like a live in babysitter half the time, which I loved because let’s face it the new baby was so cute.
It’s important to note that in my family, we class partners and step/half’s as our family.
I don’t remember when it actually started, but I know there was a point where my best friend was over at my house one day and out of nowhere she asked me “hey, is D your cousin?”. I was taken aback by this and said “we’ll sort of, he’s my cousins boyfriend. How do you know that name?” I’d never introduced them before so I found this really odd. She was the same age as me and he was well into his thirties at the time so I didn’t think they’d know each other. She had this weird smirk on her face and said “he messaged me on Facebook” to which I replied “saying what?”. She showed me the messages and they were basically him asking trying to talk to her and asking her a bunch of questions. I don’t remember what they said it was so long ago, but I do remember feeling like if this were a teenage boy she was talking to I could swear he was flirting with her. I was annoyed at first because she had carried on the conversation, she was still messaging him while she was with me at my house. I don’t think it was going on for very long, but I told her that she should stop speaking to him immediately.
I told my parents and I don’t really remember what happened after that. We’ve never really spoken about it again since then. The weird thing is they’re now married and have 2 kids together. I’ve always gotten a weird vibe from D. He was always drunk, still is, and he thrives in winding people up. He always acts inappropriately at family parties and no one ever does anything about it. Most recently we had a christening, where he was actually the godfather of the child being christened, and he got sloppy drunk and told me (now 25) my breasts looked nice in the dress I was wearing (I cleaned the language up a bit). I caused a scene and told him I refused to be objectified and got laughed at.
Now to the issue at hand. Today I was at work and a sign came on the radio, She’s Always a Woman sung by Fyfe Dangerfield. It unlocked a core memory that I didn’t even think was significant enough to remember until that moment. So when I was younger my mum and dad wouldn’t allow me to watch certain films if they had a lot of sex, drugs or violence in them. Understandable. Whenever I would go over to my cousins house D would always ask if I’d watched certain films and I’d say no because I wasn’t allowed. So he’s say “let’s watch American Pie/Saw/any kind of film with sex or gore in it that a 12 year old shouldn’t really be watching” and at the time I loved it because I got to see what all the fuss was about and it made me feel like a grown up. I didn’t realise at the time that this was actually grooming, knowing what I know now I can absolutely say that if I hadn’t told my parents about him trying to flirt with my friend he probably would have tried to start on me too. Now because I was able to recognise that this is what he was doing, I thought I’d be able to remember any other stuff he’d maybe tried with me before. Sure there were signs, little things he’d say and do that might have been testing the water or trying to provoke a reaction, but I thought I’d remembered them all. I even thought for a while that I was being ridiculous and that all this stuff hadn’t actually happened or maybe I was remembering it differently and it was all just in innocence somehow. Maybe he never tried anything else with me because I was his family so maybe I had nothing to worry about all along. But then I heard this song. And it took me straight back to when he drove me home one day. He took the long way round and drive down back roads for no reason. He played that song the whole time over and over and sang it to me while smiling at me. Then he parked up around the corner from my house and just sang it to me. I remember feeling uncomfortable but I just thought it was some kind of weird joke or something so I laughed it off and said “can we go now?” To which he started the car back up and took me home. I don’t remember anything after that. I remember the song was really popular at the time so I didn’t really think anything of the lyrics, but now that I’ve pulled that memory back up from absolutely nowhere I can’t stop thinking about how weird it is to sing that song to a kid who couldn’t have been more than 12 years old at the time.
Now all I can think to myself is ‘was I actually groomed? Was I in danger that day?’ It’s such a weird feeling, what should I do? How do I cope with this? Am I over reacting?
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2022.01.28 13:21 thomasmfd Any cleaved ideas

Like do you have any ideas what they could do for After the Cleaved
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2022.01.28 13:21 HautSauce21 Bengals Pep Rally at The Banks Friday at 4pm

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2022.01.28 13:21 ohkristinnaaa So yesterday last night I made a post and everyone was claiming I had four 1 star reviews lol but wasn't understanding that the one was never removed the posy was never about my rating or reviews I wonder who's delusional now 😅🤣

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2022.01.28 13:21 tstormy007 H3 SeatGeek promo code

Hey, what’s their SeatGeek Promo code? I’m trying to send it to a friend and support the show but I can’t remember. 🤔
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2022.01.28 13:21 Snoo70458 My boss buys me aprons that he thinks I won't wear, but I wear them all.

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2022.01.28 13:21 Admirable_Lie_2k Can i kill my wife when she is pregnant because i dont want Kids ?

Plz help
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2022.01.28 13:21 iPhoneMiniWHITE Will my VanTrue N4 3-Channel drain my car battery over a day's worth of Parking survillence?

I parked the car in the car park which is pretty busy because it's ... well, busy. There's a shopping area near by and people come and go. Needless to say, even in Parking Mode will it drain the car battery over the course of a day? I just installed the OBDII port yesterday to test out and forgot to unplug it. It's firing on all cylinders (3 channel) so I'm worried it may have a good chance of draining my car battery. Don't ask what car battery it is, I havent a clue. Car is 8 months old.
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2022.01.28 13:21 MosuAstrophel FNaF SB Theory: Glamrock Freddy is possesed by the Crying Child

FNaF SB Theory:
Glamrock Freddy is possessed by the Crying Child
After seeing u/OGCupcake0528’s theory featured in the recent Theory/Meme Review GT Live where they mention a theory about Glamrock Freddy being Cassidy [I sadly could not find that theory post], it got me thinking about who could be possessing Glam Freddy. After some digging, I think that they were close. I think that instead of Cassidy being the spirit of Glamrock Freddy, it’s the Crying Child.
Part One: Glam Freddy is Fredbear:
The first bit of evidence I have I actually saw in u/stephyfaz12’s post about Glam Freddy. As they point out, Freddy’s bowtie at the start of the game is black:
Photo from u/stephyfaz12
But after he starts to get “withered,” it reveals that the bowtie is purple under black paint:
Photo from u/stephyfaz12
While u/ExtremeV12 points out that this could be because of Chica’s voice box upgrade, I don’t think that makes sense because Chica doesn’t have a bowtie. And while they do also mention it could be caused by Afton’s corruption, their evidence doesn’t line up. After the claw upgrade, Freddy’s new hands do have green fingertips:
Screenshot from GTLive SB Part 7
Screenshot from GTLive SB Part 8
So if the bowtie color change isn’t a result of corruption or changes parts, it means it was originally purple and was painted over. So I looked into what Freddy models have a purple bowtie, and came up with only two. Rockstar Freddy and Fredbear. Rockstar Freddy can quickly be eliminated as who the bowtie could be from because he was burned in FNaF 6. So since it’s not Rockstar Freddy’s, it then has to be Fredbear’s. Plus, we never actually know what happens to the Fredbear suit after Fredbear Family Diner closes. So what if later on the suit was found, then changed up to fit the Glamrock animatronics. [If we follow MatPat’s timeline, Fredbear’s was established after or during Circus Baby’s Pizza World’s founding. So the open-stomach tech the Funtime animatronics and Glam Freddy have was a thing when the Springlock Animatronics were made. So who’s to say Fredbear doesn’t have that tech? We never get a good look at him, and I would like to note that almost all the animatronics stomachs are a slightly or very different color than the rest of the body. Just because we only see Funtime animatronics and Glam Freddy open their stomachs, that doesn’t mean the others can’t. Now I’m not saying that is the case, just a neat thought.]
Part Two: Freadbear V.S Golden Freddy (Cassidy)
Now, many people assume that Fredbear is Golden Freddy from FNaF 1-2, but I think it makes more sense for Golden Freddy to be a phantom of Fredbear’s spirit Cassidy. Color is always important in FNaF. So if Golden Freddy is the same as Fredbear, why are their hats and bowties different? Golden Freddy having a black hat and bowtie and Fredbear having a purple hat and bowtie:
Golden Freddy UCN Model Brightened
Fredbear UCN Model Brightened
Now, if we assume that Cassidy and Crying Child are in Fredbear, and that Cassidy (Golden Freddy) is in H E double Chica arms with William Afton, Crying Child is still stuck in the suit. In the Fazbear Frights books, the Stitchwraith has two spirits inside it, but only one has any and all control over the animatronic. If that is the case in the games as well, then that would explain why Golden Freddy can’t move and is always limp, but Fredbear can jump up and move for a jumpscare in UCN. Crying Child is the one with control, while Cassidy is trapped and unable to fully move, only twitch as a phantom.
Part Three: Why Crying Child being the spirit of Glam Freddy could back up Gregory is a Robot theory:
Now, to sum this up, if my previous theories are correct, that means that Glam Freddy has to have the spirit of Crying Child. But this can also make Gregory = Crying Child robot theory make even more sense. Glam Freddy says that “I feel you are broken.” If Glam Freddy is possessed by the Crying Child’s spirit, he would think Gregory is broken because he looks like Glam Freddy when he was alive, and hence would think he is broken, too. There are also cut voice lines found by u/GBAura-Recharged, and in one of which Glam Freddy says “Gregory. I know why you are not in the customer database… I remember you from…” then cuts off. I believe he recognizes Gregory as who he used to be when he was alive. He also says “I hear what some guests say about me. Bad things happened in the past. But that was not me. Those were older models - Flawed. I would never hurt anyone. You know that, right?” That could’ve been him trying to reassure Gregory that he won’t hurt him like how he was hurt by Fredbear. Saying “those were older models” could refer to the fact that his and all Springlock tech has been discontinued and removed. Freddy also says in-game when going to the Afton ending “I AM NOT ME,’ which could be him saying he’s not Fredbear, or that he’s not who he used to be, and now sees how evil his dad is. I also think it would be poetic that Glam Freddy, Crying Child’s spirit, was able to help a recreation of himself avoid a painful death like he had to endure himself. And before closing up, someone’s spirit doesn’t have to be in a robot version of them. Charlie’s spirit is in the Puppet, but there was still a robot version of her walking around.
Now I haven’t played every game and read every book, so I know there are holes caused by either things I know or things I’m completely oblivious to. But I’m hoping someone could help fill those in. My main goal was originally to answer who possesses Glamrock Freddy because I still feel like Micheal died in FNaF 6, and then turned into me trying to explain why Fredbear can move in UCN, but Golden Freddy only twitches. It’s a topic I’ve never seen covered before, sooo..
I also had the idea that the FNaF 6 location is repurposed Circus Baby’s Pizza World, and that while building over that location they found Fredbear and then repurposed him. That alone has a bunch of holes [why didn’t he burn? Why was he there? How did they reach him?], but I think it would be neat. If anyone can help out with this theory [either building it up or tearing it down with things I forgot or don’t know], I would greatly appreciate it!
Also yes Fredbear has the same amount of fingers and toes as Glam Freddy. I checked. Can’t forget those fingers and toes.
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2022.01.28 13:21 blackoblivian Blu-Ray version on Funimation?

Does Funimation use the Blu-Ray versions of every episode of Attack On Titan with uncensored gore and fixed animation errors? I'm thinking about getting the service...
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2022.01.28 13:21 DownRightWeird25 Game won't work

Hey I don't know why but for some reason valorant won't work properly or in this case open. The game just opens once a week and I know that sounds bizarre and then afterwards it won't open properly or at all only valorant has this issue every other game seems to be opening and running fine and idea whats wrong
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2022.01.28 13:21 What-The-LoL How should i create my own digital analog watch using coding?

I know how to create a simple analog watch using turtle [python] but i want to be able to change the hour and minute hands to custom png images which are saved in my PC..i also want to change the dial shape to that of a custom png file on my PC.. How exactly can I do that?
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