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2022.01.28 12:44 999sinss yy

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2022.01.28 12:44 PPNPartido82 2022 Brazilian presidential candidates (the main ones at least)

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2022.01.28 12:44 genixtec World Leprosy Day - Jan 30 2022 | Drcare247

Last Sunday of January is celebrated as World Leprosy Day as of creating awareness about Leprosy which is also known as Hansen’s disease.
It is now easy to treat people affected by leprosy remotely.
Know how - https://www.drcare247.com/contact-us/
World Leprosy day - Jan 30 2022 | Drcare247
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2022.01.28 12:44 ponkotsun PSとサターン版を統合する“西暦1999 ファラオの復活”リマスター「PowerSlave Exhumed」の海外ローンチが2月10日に決定

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2022.01.28 12:44 TheDrunkenBBQ The Best Homemade Rotisserie | Chicken or Duck Who Knows

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2022.01.28 12:44 IncenseTalk The Legend of Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea - Professional Tea Taster

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2022.01.28 12:44 dgdino Jim cramer said market goes up today

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2022.01.28 12:44 SouthMitten502 Adam LZ and the Circuit Racing Saga

Big time tinfoil ahead. Could Adam be exploring options for an arrive and drive style deal with a Ford Performance partner? He’s got the connections with Ford Performance through RTR, and Ford announced a new GT4 spec customer car that will be dropping next year. He also spent time yesterday at the Michelin Pilot Challenge qualifying hanging out with PF Racing, a Ford Performance backed effort. It should be noted that this team has multiple factory backed drivers (Cindric, Burton, Deegan, Briscoe, etc) for the Daytona race later today.
We all know Adam tested a Porsche Cup Car a few months ago and seemed to enjoy the experience. It may be easier to try and secure a deal through Ford, who he’s building a relationship with, rather than show up to a random Porsche team with other gentlemen drivers. Just speculation while wearing an entire roll of tinfoil. Feel free to argue below.
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2022.01.28 12:44 abidly Pittsburgh bridge collapse - Trending News

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2022.01.28 12:44 ForthNow That’ll be Boyle and Allan away then.

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2022.01.28 12:44 Alacrityzeal Got back into 3D printing, saw these and had to get them done. Paint time now.

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2022.01.28 12:44 kjemiker Is benzodiazepine dependence really that bad?

I mean I have a dependence on antidepressants and Lyrica as well. These are all prescribed for depression/antidepressant assistance, anxiety and spinal cord nerve pain.
I have a listing in my profile medically that says "benzodiazepine dependence."
Why is this a special thing to be listed but withdrawals from certain antidepressants can be as brutally bad when withdrawaling from.
Thank you brothers.
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2022.01.28 12:44 FLKeysCareers Housekeeping and Management full or part time

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2022.01.28 12:44 oddwhun I got a Doodle, actually guess it's a double doodle.

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2022.01.28 12:44 AmySharpton 40 cool gadgets that make great gifts

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2022.01.28 12:44 frick-frack1 Does anyone have some info on UNJ1 Hoboken?

I've never picked up a shift for prime now Hoboken unj1 and I see it available all the time. Does anyone have the address or what its like to pick up from there? I.e parking, entrance etc.. I appreciate the info if possible
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2022.01.28 12:44 krommenaas Cyclocross World Championships 2022 Men Elite Preview

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2022.01.28 12:44 Mtay___ Private hacking enviroment

Hey guys, how would you aproach creating really private hacking enviroment? I thought about QubesOs hacking but i think it would be kinda painfull, also thought about creating Hacking vm's inside of base Debian Os and wiping them weekly, but yeah i've gotta grab some ideas on how to aproach it with it actually being practical.
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2022.01.28 12:44 Coldfire202020 Tweaking Chaos

So if you could tweak the aesthetic, themes, or followers of the Chaos gods, how would you do it? I'm not talking about wholesale reinventing them as something new; just modifying what we have for whatever reason.
For my part, I've long felt that the Chaos gods and their forces were not as differentiated as we're often led to believe they are. Sure, on paper they're all vastly apart from one another. But in practice I find there's often more they have in common that not. In the end, no matter which one attacks you, you're largely dealing with the same thing; a vast horde of human-sized daemons with swords, backed up by some gibbering monsters belching fire & bile, while some daemon engines supporting them. So if I had control, here's what I would do (Note that most of this would apply to Fantasy/Age of Sigmar as well).
Nurgle: Start by eliminating most of his big mutated monsters and wacky creatures. So things like the Beast of Nurgle, Plague Drones, Pox Maggoths, and the Molluscoid Steed are out. I think the focus should entirely be on recognizable people and creatures from reality that have fallen to disease, rather than on wildly mutated monstrosities. Poxwalkers and variations thereof would be the vast majority of his forces, supported by lumbering diseased animals we can still readily identify. In short, Nurgle's armies would be ten times bigger than any other god's, and the general schtick of them being unstoppable and unkillable comes as much from the endless tides they arrive in as it does an individual combatant's stamina and hardiness.

Khorne: Here the focus becomes on the individual's and their strength. This is something I feel like they want to do with Khorne, but in practice it's often lost in translation. We hear a lot in the lore of individual units about how they only advance by the strength of their own abilities, and there's little sense of collective power. Yet everything (bar bloodthirsters honestly) is still done in full units that act just like the coordinated units of other races. So I'd accentuate that idea. Make most of Khorne's forces far less numerous than others, especially Nurgle. But they make up for it with their individual strength of arms and abilities. If Nurgle invades a planet, you would face uncountable hordes of infected souls, shambling forward to awkwardly bludgeon you to death. In Khorne invades, you would find isolated groups of them all over the place that are so powerful in their own right that they are still conquering. Again, similar to how Bloodthirsters are often portrayed now, but extended to lesser degrees across the rest of the forces. So things like the Bloodthrone/Skull Cannon are probably gone, because it's hard for me to imagine some Khorne daemons/followers accepting such a subservient role to another. Khorne would also be the one most likely to imbue his followers with boons and gifts that actually benefit them (at least physically), instead of being barely concealed curses. Since he just wants that blood to flow, and having stronger followers makes it flow faster.

Tzeentch: Tzeentch's armies are actually pretty close to what I'd envision already. Their biggest problem, in my opinion, is that the theme of deception does not naturally translate to armies of conquering monsters as easily as the other three. So I'd lean more into the "change" aspect, and make this where all the wild mutations should live. So while Nurgle has the infected, but still recognizable, people, and Khorne has relatively normal looking, but physically powerful, fighters, Tzeentch has the eldritch abominations and unknown horrors. Here's all your classic daemon energy; all tentacles and twisted limbs and extra mouths and whatnot. And I'd add on that, at least in lore, a lot of it should be malleable too. They don't have fixed forms, but constantly evolving/devolving ones that mutate in the heat of the moment. Again, pretty close to what he's got now, but more distinct with the changes made to the other gods. On the lore side, I would say this also makes Tzeentch the one that shows up in force less often than the rest. But when they do, it's the one that'll drive you to insanity just seeing what you're about face. Again, not too far off from what we have already.

Slaanesh: This is the hardest one, because honestly, to my mind, it's always been the one GW clearly struggled with most. Their general theme of obsession has so much overlap with all three other gods that it barely counts as its own thing. And aesthetically the most unique thing they could come up with was slightly more or less leather, depending on which gender you're going for. And goats, because for some reason goats equal obsession and perfection? So I may be breaking my own rule of "tweaking" rather than wholesale changing here, but I think this would be the best approach.
Slaanesh stays the god of obsession and perfection. But don't have it be about the perfection of physical prowess into ultimate killers. That's very clearly Khorne's thing. Instead, I would pivot Slaanesh into being a faction of mortals using technology to harness and channel daemonic energy in attempts to create the ultimate fusion of worlds. In other words; here there be daemon engines. This is where the various creations of the dark mechanicus shine. So your average followers, rather than purely infected/enhanced mortals like Nurgle & Khorne or totally lost abominations like Tzeentch, would be torturously created in between the two. Half man half machine creatures, no longer sure themselves how much of their mind is truly their own, constantly modifying themselves with arcane ritual and invasive surgery alike in their desperate obsession with "improving" themselves. And of course, with these, comes the full on daemon engines of all shapes and sizes.
I think this would also tie nicely in with Slaanesh's other awkward gimmick of being the very cult-focused one. It's hard to imagine the average citizen deciding that being consumed with plagues or mutating into a hideous abomination is the right path. And at the same time, becoming obsessed with say.... eating food and falling that way seems silly. Because what can Slaanesh possibly offter that you can't already get from a well stocked kitchen? There's no temptation there. But using technology to extend one's life and enhance capabilities, at the expense of what once made them human to begin with? I mean that's already so standard in the Imperium that fully half of it (the mechanicus) is already doing it. And I'm aware that this sound very much like the dark mechanicus, but if their whole gimmick is obsession with perfection, then would it not make sense for them to fall under the umbrella of Slaanesh?

So in the end, we have four (in my opinion) radically differentiated gods: Nurgle (vast hordes of infected people and creatures), Khorne (generally well gifted and individually strong fighters), Tzeentch (all mutated horrors and and unrecognizable abominations) and Slaanesh (half machine half daemons, constantly modifying themselves in their pursuit of perfection). And you'll notice I conspicuously didn't mention marines at all. My views on that can be saved for another day. But in short, stop making those 0.00001% of chaos followers the leaders and focus on everything.
What about you? What would you tweak with the gods?
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2022.01.28 12:44 LeopoldCaptainCat V Rising on Twitter - 28/01/22 - A beautiful day to go inside.

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2022.01.28 12:44 smicehiggins Louie Loaned

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2022.01.28 12:44 1stLevelWizard How are the cards in the New Vegas Expansion?

I remember seeing someone review the New Vegas booklet, and the cards came unpunched. How are they? Is it difficult and do they rip a lot, or do they come off the sprue fairly easily? I just want to know before I decide to buy it because I don't sleeve my cards and I don't wanna risk ruining cards by punching them out. Thanks!
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2022.01.28 12:44 AnimatorCold4825 Question for you all

I have a question for you all. What is a genlocke? When I hear it I think pokemon that are released during that "generation" so example being if your playing res/blue in or fire red leaf green you can only use OG 151. But if you go to let's say Gen 4 you can only use pokemon that were introduced that generation.
Everytime I see a post about genoocke I feel pokemon that don't belong to that certain generation. So what dose it mean exactly ? Just to help with my confusion :(
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2022.01.28 12:44 FLKeysCareers Room Inspector

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2022.01.28 12:44 dreamer00013 Why Adoption as an alternative to Abortion is not a solution

PREFACE: this post is NOT anti-abortion or pro-choice. Rather, it is to open discussion about how adoption is frequently used as an alternative to abortion. Hopefully, this doesn’t break any rules so a thought-provoking civil discourse may be had and awareness can be spread.
After 20+ years of studying adoptions and its accompanying relinquishment, I speak for a majority of the relinquished when I say it has become so apparent that there needs to be much more thorough education around this subject, especially in relation to the recent uptick in abortion discussions and adoption being pushed as a simple alternative.
Relinquishment of offspring is trauma known as a “primal wound” and should never be publicly promoted as a simple alternative to abortion. No matter the adoption situation, the relinquished adoptee can and most likely will suffer some level of mental anguish throughout their entire lives.
Lack of medical history can be extremely frustrating and even life-threatening. Lack of family history is embarrassing, especially in an elementary classroom setting when discussing family trees. Lack of native language can be used to shame them.
PTSD, fear of abandonment, people-pleasing, over-apologizing, depression, anxiety, disassociation, suicidal tendencies, intimacy challenges, eating disorders, non-native cultural issues, and more are prevalent among this group of people. Failed reunions, avoidance, and/or rejection from one or more biological relatives can be detrimental to the adoptee’s mental health.
Let’s not forget the fact that so many relinquished babies end up in a perpetual foster system or “age out.” The foster and adoption system is FAR from perfect and needs MAJOR reform.
Adoptees are also often expected to “be grateful” that they were taken in and cared for (and even shamed if they aren’t) when they never asked to be in this situation in the first place.
I could go on and on, but few people want to hear the hard truths about it. It’s been romanticized for far too long.
To learn more and hear the truth from actual adoptees, search for stories about “late discovery adoptees” or “adoptee reclamation” or “adoptee re-culturation” or “the adoption triad” and follow IG accounts such as:
Source: was separated from and relinquished by biological mother at birth and again from the foster system into the adoption system. I had an overall positive experience with my adoptive parents, but have suffered from many mental health struggles and personality disorders like most other adoptees. If you think this isn’t the case, you are wildly mistaken.
Note: I am not affiliated with or active in the suggested IG accounts.
DMs with polite questions or statements are welcome. Inappropriate comments or DMs will be reported.
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